Rainwater harvesting tanks

Installs rainwater harvesting tanks for residential properties. The probability if a tank is installed depends on the RWHT uptake parameter. Currently the default tanks size is 2kL, the option to change the size will be made available in a later release. A further limitation is that the model currently relies on building footprints to estimate the roof area and therefore can only be applied to properties where this information is available.

RWHT are only installed if following parameters on a property are met:

  • number of people is > 0

  • roof area > 0 and < 1000 m2

  • garden area > 0 and < 1000 m2

  • a random number [0-100] < rwht uptake

The node requires the urban water cycle model to install the rainwater harvesting tanks for a building. Rainwater harvesting are considered in the catchment runoff, water cycle and simple flood models. The implementation of a rainwater harvesting tank has currently no effect on the urban microclimate model.







RWHT uptake (%)


Percentage of buildings with rainwater
harvesting tanks


0 - 100